All classes are one hour a week unless otherwise noted




Puppy preschool
Typically For dogs under 18 weeks. In this four week class we will cover house breaking, jumping, play biting , destructive chewing and other puppy problems. There is also an introduction to obedience with sit, down, stay and recall, all taught without distractions in a puppy friendly environment.




Basic obedience

This six week private lesson course is all most owners ever need. During class your dog will learn sit, down, stay, recall, perfect leash walking and a five minute stay all through distraction(yes your dog can do that). We will also have time to work on things like jumping, play biting, ect.  Our results are guaranteed


Basic off leash

Do you enjoy an outdoor lifestyle. Then this class is for you. During this seven week private lesson class your dog will learn everything from our basic obedience class on and off leash. The off leash portion comes with a remote training collar. This class is perfect for those that like to hike, camp, or bring their dog to the beach for an off leash run.

*All of the above served with free touch up lessons.




Group Obedience One

Serves 2 to 5 dogs. This group obedience class covers training fundamentals. The dogs will learn sit, down, stay, recall and the beginnings of loose leash walking. Distractions in this class are present but limited. This is a four week class.


Group Obedience Two

Serves 2 to 5 dogs. Group two builds on lessons learned in group one. In group two your dog will learn to work around increasingly difficult distraction. This class also includes our popular five minute stay and perfect leash walking.
Four weeks long.
Must take group one first.

*All of the above served with free touch up lessons.





Taught by a certified  A.K.C trick dog guge This light hearted fun group class is enjoyed over five weeks. Learn some super cool tricks like spin, crawl, roll over and more. Perform well enough and you could earn an A.K.C title.


Rally Obedience

Rally O is a fun version of A.K.C obedience. You and your dog will learn some new obedience commands as you race through a rally course. Five weeks for



This class will teach you and your dog to work as a team as you run through tunnels, go over jumps, weave through poles, and fly over the A frame. A five week course for


Nose work

Great for a dog with an active mind. Using the same techniques used to teach drug and bomb sniffing dogs we will teach your dog to search for birch oil (used in nose work competition) When finished with this class you can go on to compete in nosework or just have a fun easy energy draining game to play at home. Five weeks




Leash walking

Dont need obedience but tired of being dragged around. This three week private lesson walking class is for you. In just three weeks your dog will be walking great without pulling. 1/2 hour long class once a week for three weeks


Behavior modification

Grumpy gus, nervous nelly, bad at sharing, we can improve that. Class length and price vary.
Start with a free evaluation and we will customize a plan for you.


A.K.C Good Citizen

Have you graduated basic obedience or group 2? You should be ready for your A.K.C good citizen test.
Prices vary call or email
to find out more.

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